Eternity Ring Styles

Eternity Ring Styles

The sparkling gemstones that encircle the band of an eternity ring with no beginning and no end are meant to represent eternal love. Eternity rings are often presented as gifts to celebrate major milestones, such as marriage, an anniversary or the birth of a child. The versatile rings are available for both women and men in an array of styles created by the combination of various gemstones, metal types, settings and band designs.

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  • Eternity rings incorporate a wide variety of gemstones. Diamonds are frequently chosen, along with less expensive options that include nearly every precious, semiprecious, synthetic and simulated gemstone. If you are shopping for an eternity ring for daily wear, look for rings that include harder stones such as corundum, beryl, quartz, zircon and cubic zirconia. Nearly any gemstone shape can be used in eternity rings, including round, princess, heart, pear, trillion, marquis and baguette. The stones are set in numerous shape and color combinations and a variety of patterns.


  • Platinum and palladium are strong, durable and hypoallergenic metals that can be polished to a bright, white shine for an eternity ring. Platinum is one of the most expensive metals. Palladium gives you the same benefits as platinum, but is available at a much lower price. Gold is another durable metal available in both white and yellow, however some people may be allergic to the nickel alloys used in gold. Silver is extremely affordable but not as durable as gold, and can be prone to tarnishing. Titanium is a durable, affordable white metal that can also be heated or chemically treated to turn bright colors including blue, purple and black.


  • Each type of setting used to attach the gemstones to the eternity ring will give it a unique style and look. With shared prongs, a small tab of metal is used to hold a gem at each sides, giving the uniform appearance of metal between each stone. A bezel setting is created by encasing each gem in a rim of metal. With a channel setting, the gems are placed in a row between two continuous tracks of metal. This often allows the gems to shine brighter than a prong or bezel setting because there is no metal between the stones. A tension setting uses pressure to hold the gemstones in a metal mounting, which can give the stones a floating appearance. A pave setting resembles a pavement of tiny stones, appearing as though the stones are seamlessly glued on the eternity band.

Full or Half

  • Although the technical definition of an eternity ring calls for stones to completely encircle the band, eternity rings can include either full or half gemstone settings. With a half eternity ring, stones cover the top portion of the ring and the palm side of the ring is left unadorned, which can be less cumbersome and more comfortable for daily wear. Because the stones extend around the band, full eternity rings often cost more and it’s difficult to adjust the ring’s size.

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