Bullet Shell Casing Crafts

Bullet Shell Casing Crafts
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A bullet shell casing is what is left after a bullet has been fired from a gun. These casings are typically thrown away or used in reloading, but have gained popularity in crafts and jewelry making. There are endless possibilities as to what can be made using shell casings; you just need a little creativity to get started with this hobby.

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  • Shell casings are coated in powder residue from being fired and need to be cleaned before they are used in crafts. Use plain soap and water to begin the cleaning process. If a harsher cleaning agent is needed, try acetone, which will remove lacquer. Brass casings can be cleaned with bronze wool available from hardware stores or ordered from gunsmith suppliers online.


  • If you are an avid shooter, then you can simply pick up your used casings, but if shooting is not in your list of activities there are other options. Speak with someone at a local shooting range and ask them to save bullet casings for you. There are also online suppliers that sell the casings already cleaned and drilled.

Simple Bracelet

  • Drill a 1mm hole in the top of .22 shell casings. String the casings together on an 18-gauge wire to your desired length. Attach a clasp to the end of the bracelet and wear proudly.