AGS to Launch Consumer Ad Campaign

AGS to Launch Consumer Ad Campaign

The American Gem Society website’s “Find a Jeweler” feature (a screenshot shown here) saw more than 700,000 consumer visits in 2015, the organization said.

Click here to see advertisements for the American Gem Society’s new consumer-facing campaign.

Las Vegas–The American Gem Society is launching a new consumer-facing advertising campaign that aims to increase awareness of the organization and its membership.

Targeting both male and female consumers, the campaign’s print ads will run in GQ, Glamour and Vogue in top regional markets for the first half of the year, covering shopping occasions such as Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and the bridal season.

Print and digital campaign ads also will run in and on The Knot throughout 2016.

The aim of the ads, the AGS said, is not only to increase awareness of the organization but to drive consumers to the “Find a Jeweler” feature on the AGS website.

To achieve this, the AGS is releasing two different ads: “Buy it with Confidence,” aimed at male consumers, and “Love What You See. And What You Can’t,” targeting females.

To increase the campaign’s reach, the AGS will promote its messaging on social media outlets, the AGS blog and websites, and in targeted member email blasts, among other outlets. A custom hashtag–#BuyWithConfidenceAGS–also is associated with the initiative, and counter cards of the ads will be made available for member retailers to display in-store.

In addition, the ads also will promote AGS Laboratories.

“With the support of our retail members in-store and in their social media outlets, this fully integrated campaign is designed to make a powerful impact,” said AGS and AGS Laboratories CEO Ruth Batson. “Promoting consumer confidence and the ethics of the reputable jewelers that make up the AGS membership is critical to attracting younger consumers and ensuring the future strength of our industry.”