Alan Revere Is Selling His Jewelry School

Alan Revere Is Selling His Jewelry School

San Francisco–Jewelry designer and teacher Alan Revere announced this week that he is retiring and selling the West Coast jewelry-making school he’s operated for nearly 40 years.

The Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts opened in San Francisco in 1979, five years after Revere returned from his master goldsmith training in Germany.
In that time, the academy has trained more than 10,000 students.

“My goal has always been to share my love of goldsmithing and bring traditional jewelry techniques across the millennium,” Revere said. “With thousands of our graduates creating jewelry across the U.S. and around the world, I feel satisfied that my efforts have been successful.”

In addition, Revere has designed and created a signature line of jewelry, developed his own line of hammers and pliers, created instructional videos for jewelers and written several books. His latest is “Professional Stonesetting,” which was released earlier this year.

In retirement, the award-winning designer plans to travel the West in his VW camper: “It has been a wonderful journey so far. And the journey continues, just in a different direction.”

The Revere Academy is located on Market Street in San Francisco, in the Humboldt Bank Building.

The school offers 100 classes in traditional and contemporary jewelry-making skills each year.

Students earn certificates for individual classes, like fabrication, repair, design and gemology and diplomas for longer programs, all of which are authorized by the Bureau of Private Postsecondary Education under California’s Department of Education.

Graduates of the school work in a wide range of positions including bench jewelers, designers, craftspeople, setters and casters.

Classes will continue for the rest of 2017.

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