From AGTA GemFair: LJD Designs

From AGTA GemFair: LJD Designs

Laura Jackowski-Dickson said in Tucson, jewelers were open to purchasing more pieces that mixed yellow gold and silver, like the cuff pictured here.

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Tucson, Ariz.–The influence of seeing vast parts of the globe are evident in Laura Jackowski-Dickson’s designs.

Named after the elements–Water, Fire, Earth, and Sky–the collections of LJD Designs all play off one another, combining a rugged look with an elegance by featuring gemstones set in karat gold or silver in very organic designs.

In addition to her popular cuffs in earthy designs taken straight from the constellations, cuffs set with ombre gemstones and textured pieces designed to look like flowing water or bark, Jackowski-Dickson also offers bridal pieces that offer slightly alternative looks. 

At the recent AGTA GemFair show in Tucson, Jackowski-Dickson told National Jeweler that jewelers seemed to be buying color again. She also noted that it seemed buyers finally were accepting, and buying, her mixed-metal (karat gold and sterling silver) pieces. 

When it came to her mixed-metal pieces that used karat gold in different colors, however, retailers might have been excited to see them but were less ready to buy. But Jackowski-Dickson said she is optimistic that the mixed metal trend will continue to find its way throughout the country.