GIA Launches Online Training Tools

Carlsbad, Calif.–As part of its Retailer Support Program, the Gemological Institute of America has a new training package made up of four free models designed to help train sales staff.

The package, which can be downloaded at, includes:
About GIA: A brief history of the institute and its role in the industry, as well as how the lab can help retailers educate their customers about diamonds;
The 4Cs: An overview of the 4Cs of diamond quality and their impact on diamond grading;
GIA laboratory reports: An overview of the lab’s various reports and how they differ; and
How to use GIA retailer tools: An overview of GIA’s retailer tools and how to incorporate them into each phase of the selling process.

Also launching is a customized graphic, the “GIA Logo Lockup for Retailers,” which includes a logo with the GIA seal and the accompanying messages “Diamonds Graded by GIA” or “Gems with Reports by GIA.”

Jewelers can use these graphic assets to show that they carry diamonds or gems with GIA reports. It is the first time GIA has released its logo with the GIA seal for use by retailers; this is the only logo approved for retailer use.

For questions about GIA’s Retailer Support Program, contact Tali Nay at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 760-603-4566.

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