Miami Beach Show Changes Venue for 2018 Event

Miami Beach Show Changes Venue for 2018 Event

Miami–Organizers of the Miami Beach Jewelry & Watch Show have announced that the February event has changed locations.

The show, slated for Feb. 1 to 4, now will be held at One Herald Plaza, located at NE 14th Street and Biscayne in Miami, a location providing added convenience to show attendees.

This is the second edition of the show; last year it was held at the Deauville Beach Resort. The 2018 event initially was planned for Indian Beach Park before this change in locations was made. 

It also previously was called the Miami Beach Jewelry & Antiques Show before changing its name last year.

The new location, one of the most well-known waterfront locations in the city, also serves as the current site for events such as Art Miami and Context art fairs that take place during Art Basel, held in December.

It is located directly over the Venetian and MacArthur causeways just east of Biscayne Boulevard, offering accessible parking, hotels and restaurants in the immediate area, organizers said.

The front of the show’s tent will provide access for drop-off and pick-up for taxis and other car services.

While the location for the 2018 show has changed, nothing has yet been confirmed for 2019 and beyond.

“We are so excited to bring the Miami Beach Jewelry & Watch Show to the City of Miami, and we are confident our community of collectors and exhibitors will be delighted with this change,” said Andrea Canady, show director of the Palm Beach Show Group.

The show features more than 150 exhibitors offering a selection of antique and estate jewelry, vintage pieces, modern collections and watches.

It takes place just before the Original Miami Beach Antique show, which is scheduled for Feb. 9-12 at the Miami Fair Expo Center. That show, which is produced by Emerald Expositions, includes two days of education prior to the start of the show.

The Miami Beach Jewelry & Watch Show is produced by the Palm Beach Show Group, whose portfolio of events includes the Las Vegas Estate Jewelry & Watch Show, the Baltimore Art, Antique & Jewelry Show and the New York City Jewelry & Watch Show.

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