Pomellato Taps a Blogger for 2018 Campaign

Pomellato Taps a Blogger for 2018 Campaign

Milan–When Italian fine jewelry brand Pomellato chose the latest figure to front its “PomellatoForWomen” campaign, it looked to a self-made Italian woman who is one of the world’s most powerful digital influencers.

Chiara Ferragni got her start in 2009 as a style blogger under the moniker “The Blonde Salad.” Today, her own name is also a brand unto itself, with a line of shoes and illustrious brand partnerships attached to it.

And now, she’s the face of PomellatoForWomen, the campaign launched in 2017 (the year that marked Pomellato’s 50th anniversary) that celebrates women who demonstrate characteristics of contemporary female beauty: strength, creativity and resilience.

Famed photographer Peter Lindbergh shot the campaign with black and white film, in a style that is meant to be more intimate and emotionally resonant than traditionally glamorous or inaccessible.

In it, Ferragni dons pieces from the Iconica and Nudo collections.

Iconica also was introduced on the occasion of Pomellato’s 50th birthday last year and focuses on bold-yet-wearable gold pieces that honor Pomellato’s goldsmithing heritage. It centers on chunky-yet-lightweight stackable rings, some of which also adorn the collection’s pendants.

Nudo is Pomellato’s ode to colored gemstones, featuring stones like blue topaz and smoky quartz in classic solitaire ring and drop earring styles. This year, Pomellato is introducing a white moonstone and gray moonstone version.
Pomellato Taps a Blogger for 2018 CampaignHere, Ferragni is pictured in Pomellato’s Nudo rings.

“I am so proud to join this campaign that represents everything that women can be—strong and capable, and fiercely independent,” Ferragni said in statement released by Pomellato. “And Pomellato’s unconventional style, along with the powerful perspective conveyed in each of Peter Lindbergh’s images, it’s just perfect chemistry.”

Lindbergh said, “What is refreshing is that Pomellato’s campaign represents women at their most authentic and natural, in their truest self-expression. This, to me, is the most beautiful thing. What impressed me most about Chiara—and I was working with her for the first time—is her strong and vibrant personality. She embodies the future of empowered femininity. She is wholeheartedly and powerfully present, a true influencer, and it just came out through my lens.”

The campaign officially will launch in print magazines this March, and has already been rolled out across digital and social media platforms.

PomellatoForWomen is a clear appeal to the female self-purchasing client and consistent with the brand’s past. The brand says that founder Pino Rabalini began the line in 1967 with the “liberated women” in mind as his client, purchasing jewelry for herself.

Seventy-five percent of the company’s workforce is female. In 2015, Sabina Belli became the company’s first female CEO.

“For the PomellatoForWomen (campaign), we really went back to our roots, to where and when it all began, with and for women,” Belli said. “And almost by historical accident, it’s an idea worth returning to, because the question of women’s rights is very much alive again today. Pomellato jewels act as exquisite frames for the real heroes of everyday life—the women themselves—and this is who we want to celebrate with our campaign.”

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