TrueFacet Expanding into New Jewelry and Watches

TrueFacet Expanding into New Jewelry and Watches

New York–Starting today, online pre-owned jewelry and watch seller TrueFacet is launching “Brand Boutique,” a platform that will feature new designs for sale from a variety of contemporary brands.

True Facet Founder and CEO Tirath Kamdar commented: “Our vision for the Brand Boutique was to give people unique access to some of the most amazing brands, incredible craftsmanship, creative design and stories behind brands.

“Based on trends we’re tracking, including the purchasing and consigning activity we’ve seen in our business, we predict that in five years, more than 65 percent of jewelry and watches will be purchased online. This is a revolutionary movement for the … fine jewelry category, and we’re excited to lead the change.”

The addition of Brand Boutique to its site marks the first time the company, which launched in 2014, is selling product that isn’t pre-owned.

It’s launching the venture with 16 brand partners, with plans for future expansion: Arnold & Son, Bovet 1822, Dana Rebecca Designs, Fabergé, Fendi Timepieces, Frédérique Constant, HYT, Les Artisans de Genève, Manufacture Royale, Mimi So, Misahara, Nanis, Phillips House, The Expression, Tutima and Zydo.

John Issac, creative director of Les Artisans de Genève, said: “As a global watch brand, TrueFacet is complementing the expansion of Les Artisans de Genève’s digital footprint. We have appreciated the TrueFacet team’s attention to detail in bringing our brand and collections to life. We’re also excited to see the breadth of online data related to our brand and the category that they will share as part of the partnership.”

TrueFacet tracks real-time consumer data, gathering information about shoppers’ behavior by brand, geography, demographic and price point, the company said, and 28 percent of TrueFacet shoppers are under 30.

TrueFacet’s Brand Boutique is live today on

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