Yael Designs creates new gem setting technique

Yael Designs creates new gem setting technique

The $119,000 “Sentience” bangle is the first piece that features the new setting created by Yael founder Yehouda Saketkhou and gemstone cutter Glenn Lehrer allowing for a gemstone to set within another gemstone in a seemingly invisible manner.

Click through the slideshow to see a larger image of the “Sentience” bracelet as well as close-up photos of the gemstones used.

San Francisco–One jewelry brand is finding new things to do with its colored gemstones.

Yael Designs has debuted an innovative technology that allows a gem to be set within another gem, creating the one-of-a-kind $119,000 “Sentience” bangle. The bracelet features a 7-carat tanzanite set inside a 26-carat aquamarine and accented with diamonds and moonstones in 18-karat white gold. 

According to Yael, this is the first time that a gemstone has been set inside another stone in such a way that the two appear “entirely seamless and translucent.”

Yael founder Yehouda Saketkhou designed the bracelet and created it with the help of gem cutter Glenn Lehrer. They used a gem cut that allows a hole to be carved in the middle of a gemstone–a technique known as the TorusRing Cut developed earlier by Lehrer–and took it to a new level by combining the two stones so that their bond is invisible.

The gems actually are held together by small platinum wires, but the unique cut creates a mirror effect that makes the setting invisible and allows the dark blue color of the tanzanite to shine through the cushion-cut aquamarine.

The bangle is just the first piece in a collection that will launch at the 2016 JCK Luxury show in Las Vegas featuring the gemstone-within-gemstone technique.

“When Yehouda approached me with his audacious vision of an invisibly set stone-within-stone piece, I was intrigued by the challenge,” Lehrer said. “It was like jumping from a Prius into a Ferrari. Yehouda’s vision stretched me to think outside the box of what was possible.”