Difference between a Sterling Silver Chain and a Fake Copy

Difference between a Sterling Silver Chain and a Fake Copy

Sterling silver chains can easily be purchased online, but you always have to be wary of the retailer and fakes. You can spare yourself from the embarrassment and hassle of buying fake sterling silver chains when you know the difference between that and the genuine article. There are certain things you must remember when distinguishing the difference between an authentic sterling silver chain and a fake. Here are some of them:

 Real sterling silver is made up of 92.5 percent pure silver and 7.5 percent of another alloy, which is usually copper. Putting silver and copper together makes a more durable and less malleable product that can last a lifetime. Hence, make sure that the chain is properly marked as real 925 sterling silver.

 Look for the following marks to indicate silver’s purity: ‘925’, ‘925’, or ‘.925’. These all represent the 92.5 percent pure silver that is part of the chain’s composition. If there is no marking, look for an official stamp or hallmark of the manufacturer on the chain.

 Beware of silver plated chains. Silver plated is different from sterling silver. When a chain is plated, a layer of silver is simply placed over a metal. As a result, silver may scrape off and the metal can get tarnished easily.

 Do the magnet test. Once you receive the sterling silver chain, use a magnet to verify its authenticity. Shiny and attractive metals like platinum, gold, and silver are non-ferrous, which means they are not magnetic. To check, place the piece near the magnet. If it is attracted to the magnet, then it is not authentic sterling silver but stainless steel that may have been highly polished to resemble silver.

 Silver turns black when exposed to air. Use a soft white cloth and rub a small part of the chain. If black marks appear, then the chain is made of true silver. This is because 925 silver oxidizes when exposed to air, which is why silver jewelry tarnishes over time and starts having a black tinge.

Sterling silver jewelry is a good investment with lasting value that may even increase over time. One of the pieces that you can invest in is the sterling silver chain, which can be a versatile accessory that can last a lifetime. You can wear it as it is or with your favorite pendant. Chains can be an effective fashion statement and let you express your personal preferences and taste. Sterling silver may be more affordable than gold, but it is an equally fine and classy alternative to options like platinum and white gold.