Get Artificial Antique And Traditional Jewellery – Get Smart!

Get Artificial Antique And Traditional Jewellery – Get Smart!

There was a time when a daughter’s wedding was never complete without ample gold shopping and bidding goodbye to her when she’s completely laden with gold jewellery. Today, gold jewellery can be a part of your trousseau shopping, but it does not mean artificial jewellery has no place in your treasure box. In fact, as the gold gets dearer, the artificial jewellery market has matured a lot and imitation jewellery has become really identical to precious jewellery when it comes to designs and overall feel.

Imitation- it is meant to look real!

We are living in the times when even the jewellers might need to perform a few tests to ensure the jewellery in their hand is gold or imitation. The industry has undergone a lot of research and development in terms of designs and material to ensure the customers get what looks really real. From navratna, jadau, and meena to kundan and polki- there is no style or type of gold jewellery that has not been imitated to be a closest match.

Get Artificial Antique And Traditional Jewellery – Get Smart!

Antique is IN but for how long?

Antique jewellery designs saw a great deal of bump up in demand in the past decade as more and more women have developed craze for antique and traditional jewellery. For those who got married before this change in trend have their gold jewellery made in various designs but antique. Rather than spending a fortune on new jewellery that looks old (antique), it is better to do some antique artificial jewellery online shopping in India. Even if you are doing your bridal shopping now, it is wiser to buy the trend-based jewellery items in imitation instead of gold. Although traditional jewellery trend might keep coming back and so will contemporary, but having gold jewellery wont just block your huge sum of money, but will also leave you helpless when the trend fades away until its back in trend again after a decade or so.

Why isn’t gold safe?

Gold jewellery might hold our traditional culture, but back then, when the cultures and traditions were defined, the crime rate and theft was nearly negligible. Gold jewellery is mostly stored safe in bank lockers for theft protection but getting them out and wearing them on special occasion isn’t just a threat to the jewellery but at times your life too. The raiders and thieves in the present, chaotic world take no time to turn into beasts and murderers just for the sake of a few extra bucks. Buying traditional imitation jewellery however is an easy solution to look graceful, yet safe.