Top 5 Longines Master Collection Watch Models

Top 5 Longines Master Collection Watch Models

Longines has been based at Saint-Imier in Switzerland since 1832. Its watch-making expertise reflects a strong devotion to tradition, elegance and performance. With many years of experience as a timekeeper for world championships in sport or as a partner of international sports federations, Longines – famous for the elegance of its timepieces – is a member of the Swatch Group Ltd, the world’s leading manufacturer of horological products. The brand known by its winged hourglass logo now has outlets in over 150 countries.

Since its onset Longines has produced finely crafted timepieces which are an admixture of elegance, class and accomplishment. Every collection brought out under the brand name, has its own unique feature but the immortal elegance remains unchanged.

A few years ago in 2007 Longines released its new Master Collection watch collection. It was meant to be part of the brand’s 175th anniversary and began to showcase some interesting movements made exclusively for Longines by ETA. Offered in both 18k steel gold and steel cases, the Master Collection watches are available in either 41mm wide or 44mm wide sizes. Well-finished and feature-rich, these timepieces offer a value-for-the-money that only a large brand like Longines can deliver.

Given below is a brief description of the top five watches of the series.

Longines Master Collection L27174786 – Wound in a silver dial with silver bezel and shaded silver strap, this classic masterpiece is an automatic timepiece featuring a smart chronograph and a grande second display. The maximum retail price one has to pay for this watch in India is Rs. 3,23,500.

Longines Master Collection L27394716 – This hi-tech automatic watch, housed in a silver dial with silver bezel and shaded silver strap is loaded with features such as chronograph, moon phase and grande seconds in the display. The maximum retail price set for this timepiece in India is Rs. 2,13,500.

Longines Master Collection L27174713 – Housed in a silver dial with silver bezel and dark brown leather strap, this amazing automatic timepiece is stuffed with additional features such as a chronograph and grande seconds to display and is priced at Rs. 2,26,500 in India.

Longines Master Collection L26735787 – Stunning by the look, this automatic timepiece is enclosed in a beautiful silver dial and golden bezel; the strap is two-toned with silver and golden coloured stainless steel materials. The other features include a chronograph and a moon phase. It is priced at Rs. Rs. 2,62,500 in India.

Longines Master Collection L27935777 – Studded with thirteen glittering diamonds in the silver dial having rose gold bezel and a two toned silver and rose gold strap, this automatic timepiece also features a date display. The maximum retail price for this watch in India is fixed to be Rs. 2,13,500.

Longines, however, is a brand that defines style and grace. Not just the Longines Master Collection, but all the other collections of the Swiss Watch-making power-house define charm and excellence in the craft. If you want to explore the watches of Longines and witness the grandeur of the exclusive masterpieces.