10 Reasons Not to Buy a Platinum Wedding Band

10 Reasons Not to Buy a Platinum Wedding Band
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Platinum rings have a lot of issues that need to be thought about prior to purchase. Not only are these rings expensive, but are challenging to keep clean and scratch free. If you are looking for a durable ring that is stylish, choosing a different metal than platinum may be the way to go.


  • Due to platinum being a rare metal, even more rare than gold, the price will be higher than other wedding bands. Platinum wedding bands can run into the thousands of dollars to purchase.


  • The weight of platinum is denser than other metals. Your ring will weigh more and be the type of ring that should not to be worn all the time. If you are looking for a lighter ring, platinum is not the choice for you.

Mixed with other metals

  • If you are allergic to certain metals, you need to be careful purchasing a platinum ring. Due to platinum being a rare metal, platinum rings are mixed with other alloys to make the ring.


  • Platinum can be easily scratched. Also, since platinum is a rare metal, fixing the scratches can be costly.

Cleaning Platinum

  • You need to use caution when cleaning platinum. Certain cleaning methods, like boiling, can cause cracking or discoloration to the metal. Other cleaning methods such as toothpaste can also cause these effects.

When You Can’t Wear Your Ring

  • There are certain times and events when you should not wear your ring. One occasion is while doing dishes. The ring can hit the sink or the dishes and cause scratches. You also should not wear it while doing rough work like gardening, playing sports or doing daily chores. All of these can cause scratching and if there is a setting in the ring, it could cause the setting to be dislodged.

Matching Items

  • Platinum is used to make earrings, pendants, necklaces or bracelets. This is due to the added expense in making these items in platinum. If you are looking for a full set of jewelry to match your wedding ring, platinum is not your metal.

Places to Buy Platinum

  • Not all jewelry stores carry platinum rings. Due to price, some stores cannot carry the rings. Also, if stores do not sell as many platinum rings, the store will not carry the merchandise.


  • Since platinum is a rare metal it is not very environmentally friendly. The more platinum that is used, the less of that metal exists.

Lasts a Lifetime

  • For a platinum ring to last a lifetime, you must keep it clean and store it during times where it can get scratched. Keeping the ring from getting scratches can be inconvenient and it may not be able to be worn when you want to wear it. Keeping the ring clean can be expensive and challenging. For a ring that requires less effort, look at alternate metals.